Wine and food should form a perfect duet.
Badly chosen wine can kill a flavour of a dish, or the other way around – enhance its qualities.

We appreciate restaurant owners and sommeliers who share our philosophy. We work together with the best restaurants in Poland.
Some of the restaurants that work with us have a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere
and others are renown and have outstanding kitchens.
What connects all of these places is quality, striding to perfection
and the need to surprise its Guests.

Benefits for you

We offer support and knowledge of the industry’s well-known Matias Glusman, top WSET trainer and HoReCa beverage advisor as well as other advisors personally trained by him.

Wine trainings for staff, sommeliers and managers.

Creating wine cards for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Support in choosing banquet wines where price is such an important factor and quality must stay on a relatively high level.

Special marketing support, especially for restaurants where we are the sole supplier.

Enotourism trips for sommeliers to our partner vineyards.

Importing wine per special request from restaurants with import services provided by our logistics partner ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A.

Wine in PET KEGs 20L
Frizzante "PiuFizz"
Frizzante "Rabosello" dV IGT
Vino Bianco/Rosso
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Veneto
  • Thanks to changing trends and technologies, the wine industry created wine in kegs – a practical and eco-friendly packaging.
  • In our offer for the HoReCa sector you will find a wide selection of white, red and sparkling wines in KEGs – “wine on tap”.
  • Our KEGs are of modern design, 100% plastic, which in contrast to aluminum KEGs are lighter, cheaper and more eco-friendly. Along with the KEGs we support the equipment for serving wine on tap.
Wine in 5l and 10l Bag-in-Boxes
Vino Bianco 5l
Vino Rosso 5l
Vino Bianco 10l
Vino Rosso 10l
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
  • Bag-in-box is nothing else than literally a bag of wine in a carton box. This type of packaging is making a terrific career around the world.
  • It’s no surprise since a system like this allows for multiple serving without allowing air to enter the inside of the container thanks to a double membrane.
  • Wine in Bag-in-Box type packaging is perfect for serving per carafe or per glass. We have two sizes available: 5 and 10 liters.
Email or call us, we will gladly prepare an offer for you!
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